Book Review: Unshakable Pursuit

Unshakable Pursuit: Chasing the God Who Chases Us is a new 30-day devotion book written by Grace Thornton. The book is centered on the story of Paul's time in Athens from Acts 17, and includes Scripture readings and prayer points for each day.

I love Grace's writing, and this book is no exception. It is engaging, convicting, gospel-centered and grace-saturated. Unshakable Pursuit is a unique and valuable resource for anyone who wants to know God more intimately and be encouraged and challenged in their walk with Him. Here are a few of my favorite aspects of this book:

  • Grace's giftedness for storytelling connects God's Word, activity and promises to your daily life and experiences.
  • It casts a vision for growth and discipleship, for knowing God's character and how He works in your life, and for joining in the mission of making God and the gospel known around the world.
  • The book zeroes in on one passage of Scripture, which allows you to consider it in more detail and understand its connection to God's grand narrative of redemption.
  • It teaches you to pray specifically for God's purposes to be accomplished in your own heart and among the nations.

The gospel message runs like a thread throughout the entire book: God pursues us in His grace, so in turn we pursue Him in response to His love, and we pursue others so that they might also know the life and freedom that we have been given. It's a great book to go back to regularly, and to share with friends.

Unshakable Pursuit can be purchased from New Hope Publishers or on Amazon. You can connect with Grace on her blog, and be sure to check out her first book, I Don't Wait Anymore.